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Dog Bite Lawyer

I'm attorney Mark Hammer and I would like to help you or a person you know who has been the victim of a dog bite. My firm, Mark A. Hammer & Associates, Inc. and I work throughout Washington state and are here to serve YOU.

I've been serving the public doing personal injury claims including dog bite cases for over thirty-five years. This, along with having been personally the victim of a dog bite, gives me the experience and unique perspective that few if any other attorneys can match. Let me put this experience to work for you.

Don't Let A Dog Bite Leave You And Your Child With Lifelong Injuries

More so than many other injuries, dog bites can be exceptionally painful and long lasting in their consequences. Puncture wounds, infections, fractured bones, permanent scarring and emotional anguish are frequently seen in dog bite cases. Even when not all these consequences are present, the bite alone is sufficient enough to be a very unpleasant experience. The results of a dog bite can affect you for the rest of your life and with children the consequences are often worse.

Our Firm Has Recovered Substantial Monies In Dog Bite Cases.

Many people are not aware that in most cases the victim will know the owner of the dog. This often puts a victim in the awkward position of bringing a claim against a friend, family member, neighbor or acquaintance. However, in most cases it will be the dog owner's homeowner's insurance that will pay for the injuries. Thus an experienced attorney can usually settle with the dog owner's insurance company, often without lawsuit.

Our firm has recovered substantial monies in dog bite cases (including a recent six figure award). We will aggressively pursue your dog bite claim against the owner or other responsible person so as to get you the most money you deserve.

If You Have Any Questions Call Me at (800) 529-6275 Mornings To Midnight Seven Days A Week Including Holidays.

I will personally answer your call. The State of Washington usually holds the owner of a dog strictly liable for injuries caused by dog bites. Immediately contacting an experienced lawyer is the absolute best way for you to receive fair compensation for any injuries you, a friend or family member may have experienced. Don't Let Your Concerns Go Unanswered.

Call Me At (800) 529-6275.

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Dog Bite Lawyer

You can call me directly for a free consultation. And of course we charge only when we win the case. We are available throughout Western and Eastern Washington and we will visit you at your convenience.

I am attorney Mark Hammer and I would like to help you.

Dog Bite Lawyer

Our firm is dedicated to representing only injured persons. We do not represent insurance companies or defend those at fault...we represent only victims.

We charge only when we win, and our clients never have to pay any monies upfront. And remember, without a lawyer on your side you won't get paid what you deserve.

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